Here I will go through some projects I have worked on.

Everdale – Supercell – Sun Creature
For a short while I worked as a 3D supervisor at Sun Creature on a Unity marketing project for SuperCell, the game is called Everdale.
I’ve created a bunch of stylized assets, and directed the rest of the 3D team.   
We used Github for integration. Unfortunately they decided to take the game on a halt therefore my stay got a little shorter than I had hoped for.

Allosaurus – Ghost VFX
I was part of the creature development team at ghost, our mission was to explore and create a dinosaur with skeleton, muscle, and fat. then simulate it through the ziva plugin.

We wanted to go with a not too familiar dinosaur, which allowed us to design it ourselves I took charge of the design, sculpting, topology, and texturing.
making sure it all matched the requirements for animation and simulation.
by looking at footage of the skeleton we could figure and imagine how it might have looked.
The texturing and skin details are based and mixed between general dinosaurs, smaller reptiles and crocks. I designed all skin detail patterns from scratch to get a more unique and authentic feel.
The whole project was displayed at the ziva frontpage as a showcase for their muscle simulation software. It also appeared in some magazines.

sea lion – Ghost VFX
was created in close collaboration with the animation and simulation department.
It was really fun diving into the skeleton, fat and muscle of this creature,
because it’s so different. When we dived into it and studied the anatomy it was clear that you could see the shape of the knees and hips through the thick layer of fat. It was challenging getting the correct amount of the very subtle and delicate shape that these types of creatures have, along with that I also had to nail both female and male versions. But with close dialog back and forth with the animator I think we did a really nice job on this one.

cubes – space whale – StarTrek – Netflix Ghost VFX

the cube effekt that worked as a portal to another time and place.
I created the lookdev, shading and lighting for all the shots which included many extra passes in order to give the nuke artist control. For some shots I projected the plate onto the tracked geo inorder to catch some reflection, if we missed out of the 3d environment.

The space whale was received by another company but lagged in detail.
I sculpted in more and better details, enhanced texturing, and came up with a new lookdev & shading for the whale. rendered and took care of lighting for that shot as well.

Helicopters – building – Svart krabba – Netflix Shortcut

building, helipad & helicopters – modeling, lookdev & lighting
Every shading is done procedurally,
signs on helipad & helicopters are also done with Houdini.
It was a good challenge to keep everything inside that program, instead of jumping between multiple packages.

For the underwater shots, I also did modeling, lookdev & lighting.

Ragnarrok house – Netflix – Ghost VFX

This was a 360 degree set extension. The ground floor is plate which was challenging because that did set some limits in the design, especially windows and doors that had to match in size. I had only a loose sketch from the director to go from, and I had to transfer those ideas as much as I could into the building. and the whole thing had to match every angle and side of the original building.
it was builded from very limited number of images
I did the modeling, texturing, lookdev and shading. I also cleaned and created the double, and paraglider as well. 

Red Angle – Netflix – Ghost VFX

Red angle suit was created from set images of the real one.
The 3D scan was limited and not very detailed. So I used the reference images for shape and details. I did the modeling and first version of the lookdev.
We had a shot where the suit opens and wraps around her which had some extra requirements for the model since there were many moving parts.

The Blop & cocoon- Netflix – Ghost VFX

a parasite that eats people. I did the modeling, and blendshapes.
the scene where it wraps over her head, I created custom blend shapes within a mash network specific to that shot in order for me to create the animation, along that I also did the lighting and rendering.
On the cocoon
I was responsible for the whole scene in general, modeling, texturing, shading, light, and rendering. I received the simulation from the fx artist.
and used the attributes and heat solvers from the simulation to drive the shading as masks.

zomb heads – the walking dead

The zombie head is cut off by an electric wire.
therefore we needed to create a cg double of the head to swap with the actor when it’s snapping. I was responsible for Modeling, texturing and shading.
Especially the texturing needed to be exactly correct for pulling this off, so I had to match up the texturing from the plate.
I was also responsible for modeling, texturing, shading and lighting. of the fallen mask.

Lego Starwars – the freemaker adventure

was a huge project with 3 sub vendors.
I found myself in the middle of it all working as a tech coordinator, communicating with the other studios in China, India and Malaysia all working on the same project.
I supported the studios with technical solutions and made bridges between them and our in-house directors.
At one point the team in China had difficulties keeping up with the animation demand, so I was sent to the studio to figure out how they could improve their efficiency.

Lego City
Responsible for light & rendering for this spot.

Lego Ninjago commercial
I was Lead for Light, lookdev and rendering for this spot.

the Mandalorian

The Navarro city.
I was responsible for modeling the city for this landing shot. Along with that I also provided some vector texture maps, to drive the shading.